The top golf wagering websites for 2023

To obtain value while betting on golf, you must utilize one of the finest sportsbooks available. Here, for your convenience, is a list of the finest online sportsbooks offering excellent golf odds.


You may learn about the major tournaments in this sport, as well as the fundamentals and the most common methods of golf betting. Before putting your wagers, you should also consider some guidance and useful golf betting tips.

The sport’s premier events


As with every other sport, golf has its most renowned and historically significant tournaments. They are known as the majors. There are also professional golf tours in the United States and Europe, with events held throughout the year. Here is some information on the major events:


The Greatest

The Greatest

Inaugurated in 1934, The Masters or US Masters is the first of golf’s four annual major championships. Annually held in April at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, the tournament is renowned for its traditions. Since 1949, the champion of The Masters has been awarded a green jacket. This must be returned to Augusta’s clubhouse the following year so that it can be exhibited in the champions’ cloakroom.


Jack Nicklaus holds the record for the most Masters victories with six, surpassing Tiger Woods’s five. Multiple victors wear the same green jacket unless it need alterations. Each year, competitors compete in four rounds at Augusta, a course that features the renowned Amen Corner, and the Masters odds and wagering are competitive. After that, the winner is the golfer with the lowest score.


The Open Championship

The Open Championship

The Open Championship, usually known as The Open or British Open, is the final of the four annual golf majors. Every year since 1860, The Royal & Ancient has hosted the tournament at a different seaside links course in the United Kingdom. The Open has been held at fourteen different courses throughout its history, primarily in England and Scotland but also in Northern Ireland. This competition is conducted in July. Harry Vardon, a golfer from the turn of the twentieth century, holds the record for the most Open Championship victories with six.


US Open US Open

The US Open is the third of the four annual golf majors and is contested in June. In contrast to The Masters, the event has been played on 52 different courses in the United States. Since its inception in 1895, the US Open has been played in at least 19 states. Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and Jack Nicklaus all hold the record for the most victories in this tournament with four victories apiece.


Championship of the PGA Championship of the PGA

This event, also known as the US PGA Championship, is the second of golf’s four majors and is contested in May. It was once held in August, but in 2019 it was moved to its present date. Similar to the US Open, the PGA Championship is held annually at a new site. Since its inception in 1916, the event has been hosted by 75 different golf courses in 26 states across the United States. Jack Nicklaus and Walter Hagen tied for the most PGA Championship victories with five each.


PGA Tour PGA Tour

The PGA Tour arranges professional golf competitions in North America and the United States. It was founded in 1929 and currently offers six tours for players. These include trips to Canada, China, and Latin America for international development. In addition, there is the PGA Tour Champions for players aged 50 and older. The Tour now runs from September of one year to August of the next and consists of fifty official tournaments with PGA Tour status. Tiger Woods is the most successful golfer in the history of the PGA Tour, having topped the prize money list ten times.


Tour Europe Tour Europe

The PGA European Tour organizes the three professional golf tours in Europe. The European Tour, the European Senior Tour for players over the age of 50, and the Challenge Tour are the three tours. The primary circuit, which began in 1972, is now also known as the “Race to Dubai” since it concludes each year in Dubai. Currently, there are forty tournaments on the European Tour, and the season spans from January to November. Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood are the players with the most career victories.


Ryder Cup \sRyder Cup

The Ryder Cup is a biennial team competition, whereas the majority of golf tournaments focus on individual achievement. Established in 1927 as an Anglo-American golf event, it was expanded in 1979 to include a European team competing against the United States. Each edition of the Ryder Cup is alternately hosted on either side of the Atlantic. Non-participating captains choose teams of twelve of the best golfers to compete in the competition.


In contrast to the majors and PGA/European Tours, the Ryder Cup is centered on match play. On the final day, points are awarded based on the results of four fourball matches, four foursome matches, and finally 12 singles matches. When a match concludes in a draw, the participants divide the points. This unusual structure adds added thrill. Only twice in its history has the Ryder Cup concluded in a tie, in 1969 and 1989.

Top golf bet kinds


Absolute winner

Betting on the player who will win an entire golf tournament. They must finish in the top position.



A wager on a golfer to win the tournament or finish inside a particular number of positions. This is a double wager.


Top X position

A wager on whether a golfer will finish in the top five, ten, or twenty positions, depending on the number of stated spots.


To pass the cutoff

Betting on a golfer to post a low enough score to advance to the following round.


Leader after round

A wager on a golfer to top the leaderboard at the conclusion of the current round.


Golf wagering tips and guidance

Now that the various sorts of golf betting have been described, it’s time for some useful advice. Advice is not obligatory. Everyone is searching for a successful golf betting method, and the following advice should point you in the correct way.


Oppose favourites

Imagine a golf tournament as a horse race, but larger. Initially, the size of the field of competitors is enormous. There might be more than 100 golfers in the opening round of majors. Ask yourself, given the vast number of entrants and the possibility for unknown qualities among them, if the favorite is a good value relative to the competition. The answer is likely negative.


Golf tournaments are occasionally won by market leaders, as they are in other sports. Favorites are worth challenging based only on the competition. Even though the odds are shorter, this might generate betting chances in the versus-the-field market. The objective is to place a winning wager, after all.


Golf Ball

Utilize each-way and position marketplaces

In such a competitive sport, one of the best golf betting tips is to use the markets to your advantage. As you will see in the following section, placing an each-way wager reduces the risk of losing. Top five, ten, and twenty finish markets are same. Again, the chances may not be as high as betting on the tournament’s outright winner, but you are more likely to have a golfer placed than to win.


The markets must benefit you. Value is a relative term that must be weighed against the probability or percentage likelihood of winning the wager. You can make money betting on golf even if you don’t pick the winner of the Masters or another major, particularly if you support the runner-up for a top-five finish or each-way.


Golf swing Complement pre-event wagers with in-game wagers.

When placing a wager before to the first tee shot, the standard fixed price golf odds reflect just current form and previous tournament results. On the fairway and from hole to hole, the fortunes of golfers can shift drastically. If you have placed wagers before to the event, it makes sense to respond to what you observe throughout the competition.


In-play wagering has exploded in popularity, and live golf betting odds are no exception. There may be possibilities to either cover or increase your pre-tournament wagers in these markets. When wagering on golf during play, you may frequently make better educated decisions than when gambling beforehand. That makes strategic sense. Any golf betting technique you employ must be adaptable, and in-play markets are a valuable asset.


Position Golf Ball Golf wagering technique

Here are the elements of a winning golf betting strategy:


Never bet with your emotions, just your mind

Be willing to conduct study if you wish to identify winners.

Remember that golf is a competitive sport, and seek value wagers.

Adopt a fluid stance and wager in-play.

Consider alternatives other than the most popular

Consider shorter odds covering more locations

Never put each-way wagers in win-only markets.

Be receptive and test out a fresh golf betting strategy

What are each-way wagers in golf?

Each-way wagering in relation to golf odds occurs often. Worth explaining to novices what this is and how it operates. At golf, an each-way wager is a betting on both the outright winner and the player finishing in a high position in the final standings. This is a twofold wager, thus your unit stake will double.


A $5 each-way wager on Dustin Johnson for the US Open, for instance, results in a total wager of $10. Different golf betting sites provide varying conditions for placing wagers. Five is the bare minimum, however some may provide more. The bigger the number of areas covered by an each-way wager, the greater the likelihood of a win. Even merely placing might constitute a victory.


Free golf bets

Welcome benefits

We want to see excellent online casino welcome bonuses that give your real money gaming experience a flying start.


Money back guarantees

Also known as payback bonuses, these incentives may be offered by golf betting sites. If your wager fails under specific conditions, your deposit is repaid as a free wager.


Enhanced odds

Sometimes referred to as price boosts, these promotions provide additional value on specific betting results. In terms of golf odds, the tournament favorite may be given at a higher price.


Loyalty rewards

These are sometimes known as “free bet clubs” and are awarded to habitual bettors who put wagers every week. Depending on the sportsbook, this may be applicable to your golf wagers.


Golf side bets & gambling games

Golf wagering need not be restricted to professional players. You may put your money where your mouth is when enjoying a round of drinks with your friends or even a stranger at the local club! Over the years, a variety of side bets and gambling activities have arisen around the game of golf. Here are the five most common and how they operate:



A Nassau consists of three distinct wagers. You may gamble on the front nine, back nine, and complete 18-hole play. Any style of scoring in golf is compatible with a Nassau, but the conventional technique is match play rather than stroke play. Each hole is valued at one point. In an individual or team match, golfers contest every hole and apply their handicaps as normal. The wager size in a Nassau might vary according on pressing. If a player or team is up by two holes in either of the two nine-hole halves of the game, they may raise the stakes by placing a fresh wager on the remaining holes. This increases the excitement of golf matches, since the ninth and 18th holes can become double or nothing in terms of wagering.



The wolf is used in the fourball version of golf and increases a player’s confidence under pressure. Four players take turns being the wolf, with the order set by a coin toss. The sequence of play is predetermined, with the wolf teeing off last. After all players have taken their first shot, the wolf selects whether to play with a partner or solo on that hole. If they choose for the latter, they are considered a lone wolf. The benefit of playing alone is that if the wolf wins a hole, they receive four points. If you win with a partner, you will only receive two. If the wolf and his or her mate lose a hole, the other players each receive three points. When a lone player loses a hole, the other three players each earn one point.



Before teeing off, each participant donates the same number of skins, an ancient American slang phrase for a dollar. You decide ahead to play whether the scoring will be net (with handicap deducted) or gross (the actual number of strokes played) and a scorekeeper is appointed. As the game proceeds, the value of each hole may increase to add to the excitement. At the conclusion of the round, these are compared to determine the payment. The winner is the person with the lowest score, but in the event of a tie, the prize money is split evenly between the players. Therefore, the more the number of participants in a game of skins, the less probable it is for any player to win a hole entirely. You can play the game so that the value of a hole with a tie carries over to the following hole. In addition, prizes for birdies and ace holes might be incorporated into the round.



Vegas is playable by two pairs of golfers, or a foursome. This offers an unusual scoring system in which a pair’s number of strokes at a hole are combined, rather than added, depending on their individual performances. If two golfers complete a hole in five strokes and take a total of 10 shots, their score is 55. If the opponent shoots a six and a four, their score for the hole is 64. The payout per point is established before to the commencement of the round. Vegas is unquestionably a riskier side wager to make on golf, given that your partner’s cumulative performance is not taken into account. In the event that a hole results in double-digit stroke totals, the typical score placements are reversed.


Under a quota system, each player’s handicap is subtracted from 36. This becomes their required point total for the round. The golfer with the most points beyond their quota wins the money bet by the other participants. In the case that no player finishes with a score higher than their quota, a play-off hole or carrying over all scores to the next round might serve as a tie-breaker. This is one of the more straightforward golf side bets and gambling games that may be played with a partner. A quota system incentivizes you to improve your existing handicap, yet the purpose of golf is to improve via practice over time.


How golf works

The purpose of golf is to hit the ball into the holes with the fewest number of shots, or strokes. In order to accomplish this, you have access to a collection of golf clubs, collectively known as a set. You must dodge hazards such as sand traps and water hazards as you make your way through the course. The winner is the player with the lowest score. Golf can be played against one or more opponents or in teams with companions.


Match play and stroke play are the two predominant scoring methods for the sport. Match play provides points based on each of the 18 individual holes in a round. Stroke play, on the other hand, is the total number of shots played throughout a round. Each hole has a par score, and players have a handicap based on the average number of strokes required to finish a game and be over par. The table below covers the definitions of 25 essential golf terminology.



A hole score of three under par.



The golf shot played from the fairway to the green.



A hole score of one under par.



One stroke over par on a hole.



On the course, a concave-shaped hazard holding sand.


Double Bogey

Two strokes over par on a hole



The club with the longest shaft and greatest head size.



A hole score of two under par.



The manicured grass strip between the tee box and the green.



The caution uttered when a golf ball is approaching a player.



A flat, grassy region at the end of the fairway that contains the hole.



The method for calculating the average number of strokes over par for a round of golf.



A golf ball trap designed to make it difficult to reach a particular hole.



When a golfer makes a hole-in-one with a single stroke.



The most prevalent variety of golf club. Most sets contain 7-11 irons



A golf course often situated along the ocean and among sand dunes.


Beyond limits

Any region demarcated by a white line that is deemed out of play if the golf ball crosses it. A penalty stroke is administered.



The predicted number of strokes required to accomplish a hole.


Putt A stroke performed with the putter from the green to the hole



A golf club designed for use on the green with low loft.



A full game consisting of 18 holes



The higher grass on each side of the fairway.


Every time the ball is struck, sometimes referred to as a shot.



A little concave peg that is inserted into the ground and used to support the golf ball before to the first shot on a course.



Low, angular-faced golf club designed to loft the ball.



Can you gamble on golf?

Yes, golf wagers can be placed in a variety of ways. Bets on the outright winner of a tournament are the most prevalent, but bookmakers also offer a variety of other markets.


How do golf bets work?

Golf wagers function similarly to other sports wagers. You discover the market you wish to wager on using your preferred sportsbook, then locate the selection. To add this to your betting slip, click the odds. After entering your preferred stake and placing the wager, your account will be credited if your golf wager is successful.


How do golf matchup wagers function?

In golf, matchup or head-to-head wagers include two players competing against one another in a round or event. In either scenario, the winner of a match is the player with the lowest score.


How do you understand golf odds?

Golf odds function similarly to other sports betting odds. Depending on the format, fractional odds display the potential payout (the first number) relative to the amount wagered (the second number). Remember that you must additionally add your wager to a fractional price. With decimal odds, the number is multiplied by the bet to determine the total payout.


How is golf played?

Visit your local golf course and use the driving range to perfect your swing. To play, you will need a set of clubs. Find a partner with whom to play a round. This person may be a friend or a total stranger. Choose between match play and stroke play as the scoring system. With match play scoring, the winner of a round is the player with the most points. Under stroke play, the winner is the golfer with the lowest score.


What does it mean in golf to bet the field?

In a golf competition, betting on the field is backing every player other than the favorite.


How does one wager on golf matches?

Register with a sportsbook or betting website and log in to your account. Ensure that monies have been deposited. Find the golf competition on which you wish to wager. Choose the matchup or head-to-head contest you wish to wager on. To add to your betslip, click the button. Finally, input your wager amount and place your bet.


How many holes do golf tournaments contain?

Usually, there are 72 holes in total. The same 18 holes are played four times, although the field is often eliminated after the first two rounds (36 holes). In the case of a tie, more holes may need to be played if a play-off is required.


How long do golfers have between shots?

Golfers are permitted a maximum of 40 seconds to take each shot. Inability to complete a stroke within this timeframe results in penalties.


How many holes does a golf course have?

A regulation golf course consists of 18 holes in total. This is also the amount of hands played in a round.


What is the heaviest golf ball possible?

According to the regulations of golf, the maximum weight of a ball is 1.62 ounces. That is 45.93 grams according to the metric system. When discussing golf balls, the minimum diameter is 1.68 inches or 42.67 millimeters.


What golf game is referred to as wolf?

The game of wolf is played in foursomes, with each player taking turns being the wolf at each hole. After all players have hit their tee shots, with the wolf going last, that person must chose whether to form a partnership or continue playing alone. A lone wolf can earn four points for winning a hole, whereas a paired wolf receives two. Losing lone wolves yield one point each to the three remaining players. If the wolf loses a hole when partnered, the opposing players receive three points apiece.


What is the quota betting system for golf?

In the quota golf betting system, your handicap is subtracted from 36. This provides you with a point total that you must surpass during a round of golf. The player who earns the most points beyond their quota and any money spent wins the game.


What does it mean to win place in golf?

First place Golf betting is an alternative term for placing an each-way wager. Here, you wager on a player to win and place highly in a tournament. The number of places a bookmaker will pay out is established when the wager is placed. Dead-heat rules may apply if two or more players have identical scores. You wager double your unit stake, with half of the total amount placed on the victory and the other half on the place.


What is a six-shooter wager in golf?

The six-shooter is an unusual golf wager in which six golfers are paired together and a certain golfer is selected to win the group. In other words, the player must complete a tournament in a higher position than at least one of the other five players in the group. The wager will only pay if this occurs.


What is a golf low ball?

Low ball is a foursome golf game played by two-person teams. Two points are awarded every hole during the round. The game has two variations: low total and high ball. Whenever a hole is knotted, no points are awarded. A point is awarded to the low ball and the low total while playing low total. In high ball, low ball again is worth one point, as is the lesser of the two high ball scores. Teams compare their low ball and best high ball scores for each hole when playing high ball. The team with the most points wins.


Where can I get this week’s best golf odds?

Check out our list of the leading golf sportsbooks at the top of this page and choose one of our recommended sites to examine the odds for this week’s golf tournaments.

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