The events that shaped Scott’s life. Tom

Absolute Poker’s Scott Tom and UltimateBet’s Greg Pierson, who both helped create their respective companies, have a lot of similarities. Both of these individuals were successful in starting websites that offered online gaming, but they were later forced to watch as the websites they had built were ridiculed and ultimately shut down. However, Tom is now living in exile in order to escape being jailed as a result of the activities that took place on Black Friday. Meanwhile, Pierson is openly doing business in the United States.

The question that everyone wants answered is how Tom got to such an unpleasant situation in his life. Continue reading to find out all of the juicy information.

Age of childhood

Because so little is known about Scott Tom’s teenage years, it can probably be assumed that he had an upbringing not too dissimilar from the average person’s. He had his primary and secondary education in Frenchtown, Montana, where he was born and reared, and he received his diploma from Frenchtown High School.

Scott was still a little child when his parents had a divorce, and ultimately Scott’s mother went on to marry another. Her new spouse already had a family of his own, and one of those children was named Brent Beckley. Phil Tom, Scott’s biological father, earned his income as a portfolio manager for various customers in the financial industry.

The Years Spent in College

After Scott Tom graduated from high school, he went on to attend the University of Montana for his undergraduate education and became a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity there. He had a good time throughout his studies at the university level, and he was excited for his step-brother, Brent Beckley, to enroll alongside him. It has been said by Beckley that

In the end, Beckley gave in and decided to enroll at the University of Montana with his stepbrother. The promise of a room in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house for the duration of the summer at a cost of just $500 was enough to sway his decision. After the start of the fall semester, Beckley registered for school and received formal notification that he would be allowed to join the fraternity.

In order to keep themselves entertained during the week, the members of the fraternity would visit a new establishment in the college town of Missoula. The majority of these establishments were drinking and chatting it up with attractive women, but on Monday evenings, everyone headed to Stockman’s for the monthly $100 freeroll poker event that was held there.

While the majority of Scott Tom’s fraternity mates saw poker night as nothing more than a way to pass the time, the cogs in Scott Tom’s brain started to whirl. This was exacerbated by the fact that he discovered online poker and learned that virtual card rooms deducted a modest fee (known as the “rake”) from each hand that was played.

The Beginning of Absolutely No-Limit Poker

Scott Tom earned a degree in finance from the University of Montana in 2002, where he studied for four years. While Tom was trying to figure out what his next step should be, he relocated into the basement of his biological father’s house in Seattle. Ideas came and went, but he continued to find himself thinking about those Monday evenings at Stockman’s and the appeal of playing poker online.

Tom was sufficiently motivated, so he drafted a strategy for his company. The initiative was only able to get off the ground when Tom’s dad, Phil, gave his blessing to serve as a financial sponsor for it. Pete Barovich, Garin Gustafson, Oscar Hilt Tatum IV, and Shane Blackford are just a few of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers that were recruited. Beckley was also active in the early phases, despite Tom’s insistence that his younger brother go back to school and get his degree.

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